HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post your launchings, and post-launch adventures here. Please keep the to plan/date format.
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HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by narfi »

Started building July 8th, 2017
Launched September 12th, 2017
Build thread: Narfi's HC14 build thread - LAUNCHED

Deviations from the plans:
4oz fiberglass over entire inside and outside. (Plans just have tape on the seams)
Air tight compartments added to each end and covered outside with 4oz fiberglass.
Seats each moved 4.5in toward the center.
Seats lowered almost yo the bottoms of the side panels.
Plans specify 55lbs if built light. This one ended up a 90lb beast.

I had read horror stories of this model being very unstable and was concerned how we would fair on our launch.
I am happy to report that we had no issues with stability even in small wakes from other boats or small rollers once out on the big lake. Landon was a little timid of tipping but by 20minutes into our trials he was jumping up and down and intentionally trying to rock back and forth. Once back he got out and I pushed back out and tried standing up solo and had no issues even with most of my weight on one foot to the side it was fairly stable. Then his turn for solo was also successful and he had no trouble going out and ramming back onto shore by himself.

I have no experience with canoes or paddling. It seems to move quickly through the water and while it takes a few strokes to really build momentum, it seems to glide quite a ways once you stop as well.

Landon had fun, I had fun, and we both are quite proud :)
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Re: HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by bigyellowtractor »

Super job. It looks really great. Well done.

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Re: HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by Eric1 »

Great pictures. Landon sure has a beautiful boat. You've done well pilgrim!

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Re: HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by Jaysen »


As a kid who spent more time in a canoe than in land when near water I know just how much fun you and Landon will have. I'm glad to see you enforcing safety as well. In thing you MUST do is practice capsize recovery. I think I only went over 3 times but all of them were dangerous. My dad forced me to learn in water over my head so I knew exactly what to do. As much as I wanted to kill him for that I know it saved me at l say three times.

The canoe looks perfect. Great job, not in the build, but in creating an opportunity for good memories. The build is sweet too.
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Re: HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by gonandkarl »

Congratulations to the launch and the fact that you built heavier than the plan and lowered seats must have helped the stability and from the looks of your outfits with jackets and hoodies I assume the temperature of the lake was not any more that one wants to have an unintentional swim by going turtle with the canoe.
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Re: HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by terrulian »

Congrats! Great looking boat.
Thanks for the beautiful shots.

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Re: HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by Jeff »

Great photos Narfi!!! I am sure Landon will enjoy his boat for years to come!! Jeff

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Re: HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by cape man »

The cloth and epoxy was most of you're extra weight. You can do the math if you know how many yards of cloth and ounces (gallons!) Of epoxy that added. Heavy is good in a canoe. I own 3, and my cedar strip canoe, with extra glass and epoxy, is the most stable. My Grumman alluminum is the most tippy.

The pictures are awesome. Both my children were about his age when we launched the Cedar canoe, also my first build, and 18 years later they are both canoe pros. They also "helped" about as much as Landon and today remember the canoe we built together...

Beautiful job!
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Re: HC14, Sept 2017, Narfi

Post by topwater »

Nice :!:
Novi 23 finally launched !

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