Mixing by weight

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Mixing by weight

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Somebody called and asked what the mixing ratio was for MarinEpoxy by weight.
The ratio is 100 parts resin for 43 parts hardener by weight.
It is still 100 parts to 50 by volume but the hardener is heavier (more dense, higher specific gravity).

In this case, the builder wanted to check the calibration of his pumps by dispensing the volume then put the pump output on a scale.

I still prefer to mix by volume, the math is easier and what is easier is less conducive to errors.
Keep in mind that MarinEpoxy and Silver Tip are somewhat forgiving. Let's say up to 10% ratio error will still result in a complete cure.
More important than the weight is the proper mixing technique.
More errors result from improper mixing that from the wrong ratio.
See our videos showing how to mix a batch.
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