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Life of Sterling after opening can

sterling L.P. topcoats and primers
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Re: Life of Sterling after opening can

Post by ericsil »

Since it is going to be tough to get new product, you may, like me be stuck matching some finish with some old paint and catalyst. I have three cans of 2964 catalyst. One was unopened as of a couple days ago, one was left over from last year, and the other was left over from two years ago. All three were tightly capped.

I ran a test of the newly opened catalyst against the two year old. As near as I can tell there is no difference in the curing time or the results after. The 90 day life seems to be very conservative. I am probably helped by the fact that my workshop never goes above 75F in the summer and stays below 40F for much of the rest of the year. In any case, don't give up on that old product until you run a test.

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Re: Life of Sterling after opening can

Post by jacquesmm »

Glad to hear that.
It may be the temperature. In our warehouse, it easily goes up to 100F and shelf life is less than 6 months.
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