S3 Primer and EMC

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Re: S3 Primer and EMC

Post by Dougster »

Thanks, got it. Thin coats and read the dang directions! I'll look forward to hearing how your touch up efforts go Larry. My paint arrives Monday. Last night I glassed the deck down, but I need to fuss with the cockpit combing pieces more today and then start fairing the topsides. I hope to get it primed this weekend, then wait a week or so before paint. I'm out of fairing mix but have plenty of quickfair. I have read it may not be best for filling the weave, but it's what's on hand and I'm just fooling with 9 oz cloth weave.

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Re: S3 Primer and EMC

Post by jacquesmm »

QuickFair is fine for filling the weave, better than the blended filler.
We start with blended filler to save $ but the blended filler putty shrinks a little bit, not QuickFair.
Bottom line: if you have QuickFair use it.
Jacques Mertens - Designer

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