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Post by Jeff »

This email arrived via email overnight: "hello good morning, I bought the cs23 plan but right from the start I noticed that the plan is missing or wrong, the sleepers are missing fittings, would you guys review the project I'm about to start construction." Jeff

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Re: CS23

Post by TomW1 »

Jeff, I do not know what to say to that, what does he mean by sleepers? There have been many CS23's built and one builder in New England built 3 for his charter fishing service a few years back. I wish him luck on his build. He might want to check out reisdl CS23 build that is going on now. Tom
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Re: CS23

Post by jacquesmm »

I have no idea what sleepers are. This is a very weird email. Many CS23 were built from those plans, see the pictures.
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Re: CS23

Post by fallguy1000 »

Some people buy boat plans with the expectation that every small detail is drawn out. For a sleeping berth, ? Hinges perhaps?

There are too many variables to draw out every detail on all but production designs.
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