My cx 25

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Re: My cx 25

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BarraMan wrote: Sat Sep 24, 2022 3:45 am Zipwake trim tabs wont help with a bow down boat. The only way you can get the bow up is do 1) reduce weight up front and 2) trim the OB out. Even if you use the Zipwakes to trim the boat in the transverse plane, they will tend to bring the bow down!

Can the anchor windlass handle rope? I have an anchor winch on my boat which doesnt care if its winding up chain or rope!
without zipwake it navigates better

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Re: My cx 25

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Danilo of course the Zipwake is not helping now with all that weight on the bow. Once you get her trimmed out properly then you can use the Zipwake, looks like a nice system. I would not mess with the motor placement, unless you do not have the ventilation plate even with the keel. The bow should come up on plane and the Zipwake's will be needed.

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