An All-Season Trailerable Sailboat

Sail Boats 15' and up. Please include the boat type in your question.
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Re: An All-Season Trailerable Sailboat

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Netpackrat wrote: Fri Jul 16, 2021 12:48 pm
narfi wrote: Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:25 am Probably doesn't match your needs, but thought of you when I saw this, ... 9585bf8ea1
I'm not on failbook but that has also been on Craigslist for a while. It doesn't appear to be anywhere near trailerable width. Maybe a folding trimaran would be a possibility but for my purpose they seem to have most of the disadvantages of both cats and monos with few of the advantages of either.
yeah.... road system isnt something I have to deal with :P

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Re: An All-Season Trailerable Sailboat

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jacquesmm wrote: Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:39 am You mentioned John Welsford. He is a real professional designer. I met him once, he knows what he is doing plus he is an experienced sailor.
I say professional because it matters when everybody who downloads Delft thinks he can design a boat.
JW has several very seaworthy designs that would fit the bill with always one or two of your requirements missing.
Interesting sidenote, a couple years ago I commented on a Youtube video wherein an Alaskan couple was showing off their newly built Welsford SCAMP. I mentioned that I had seen pictures of one built in aluminum, and I've thought about giving the same treatment to Welsford's 21 foot Penguin design. 2 years later, JW himself happened upon my comment and replied; "Welded aly will work fine for a Penguin. Go for it."

Not much has changed really in the used sailboat situation here. Started working on the MGA project in the garage again, but then I ended up with another one (basket case project) plus the MGTD that my brother and I own together in the garage. Eventually the TD is going to go to another family member but for now project space is tight. Going to keep plugging away and watching CL for the right boat but I don't expect anything will turn up until a day or two after I can commit to a build project. :lol:

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