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Re: Boat Recommendation

Post by greatlakesmann »

Matt Gent wrote: Wed Nov 16, 2022 7:03 pm I have posted measured weights for the DE25 in my journal thread. I tow it with a Ridgeline rated at 5000. I stick to 65 or less on flat highways, but it's about as much as a fwd based transmission can handle.

The DE is not a "big" 25' boat, remember we are talking 115 or 140hp. For small lake use, my limitation for skiing and such is the visibility from the pilothouse. It loads on and off the trailer easy with forward bunks.

I also have a 16' pontoon that is just fast enough to ski, so I would normally choose that for small rivers or lakes
I have been reading through your Ownership log and picked up a few good points, one, when building, or having it built, I will have to put in drain holes between the stringers so that all of the underdeck will drain back to the bilge and be pumped out by the bilge pump.

Did you ever get around to mounting a kicker yet? What hp?

I was thinking last night about A/C, did you get around to adding it, or would fans be good enough?

Some other things I was half dreaming about, adding a heater and fans (Wisconsin here, with a cabin, I could boat until the lakes ice over to be honest) and it can get to 90-100+ here in summer, I would want fans or opening windows on the cabin and pilothouse.

I know you have the cockpit model, and I am looking at the cabin, but do you think it would be possible to add a removable bunk "filler" section? I was thinking a plank made out of plywood supported by 2x6's (or similar) to act as a filler between the bunks, that way the wife and I could sleep together, instead of separately? Roll some eggshell mattress over it and presto, maybe around a queen size bed size bunk?

I would also add a solar panel on top of the cabin, to keep the batteries charged on longer trips.

I've never slept on a boat, but what anchor system do you employ? I saw that you are using the Mantus off the bow (IIRC), the plow as a secondary and a drift sock to reduce the sway. Would I be paranoid to sleep on the boat with two anchors out (one off the bow and stern) with a drift sock? I can't imagine waking up to find I've drifted 20 miles from where I started, and in some cases, drifting would mean I'm laid up on shore or on the rocks.

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Re: Boat Recommendation

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I'm not experienced like Matt, but offer a few thoughts.

A piano hinge and a wider benchtop could get you close to queen. You flop the top plywood over at nite and place two standing boards or three under it, probably i to dados. Then it flops back and hides away under cushions. The back and bottom cushion are the mattress. Too hard for me, I would buy a soft top and roll it over the two; think 1.5" of soft foam stowed under the sofa.

My windows are from Bomon. Side windows have vents and front window can open. My cabin gets super warm facing the sun. I bought usb powered fans.

AC for boats is super impractical underway.

Anchor alarms are used. This is simply a gps alarm that sounds off and wakes you if the boat moves 50 feet.

solar and outboard charging both support batteries

One of my outboard Victron Orion chargers is not working..not sure why, need to check it..
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Re: Boat Recommendation

Post by Fuzz »

I was raised with old school outboards that left me drifting way too many times. I always have a kicker on any outboard boat, even with the new 4-strokes, old habits die hard. My 22 foot SeaSport weighs around 6,000# when we leave the dock. A 9.9 high thrust kicker will push it about 5 knots, that is hull speed. A 8 hp high thrust will do the same thing.

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Re: Boat Recommendation

Post by Matt Gent »

Yes I made a kicker bracket and bought a 6hp. I think I posted results here. Carry it under v-berth. Haven’t used it in anger yet, just a test ride.

Yes a filler piece works great for the bed. If I haven’t posted pics I can take some. Mine is a piece of coosa with glass, scrap from other projects. The bed is nearly king size in total, king fitted sheet wraps all the cushions. Plenty of room for recreation, just watch your head.

I’ve slept many nights, Mantus works great. Older plow did drag once, near disaster. I use anchor alarm but neglected to set it that night.

No progress on AC, I may get one of those hatch scoops. We have a mr heater buddy but haven’t needed it.

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