LM18 CC-TX build

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Re: LM18 CC-TX build

Post by Dan_Smullen »

Happy Thanksgiving, and great progress!

If I had to glass a hull again, I’d flood coat with epoxy thickened with glass microspheres to the consistency cold corn syrup. Adding some silica will keep it from being too runny. Roll it on and squeegee where necessary. This will do a pretty good job of filling the weave, and after sanding, there will be a pretty good surface on which to start fairing.

Maybe try a small section to see how it goes. Keep up the momentum!

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Re: LM18 CC-TX build

Post by Fuzz »

Brake out the R-O with 40 grit and clean things up some. Not trying for perfect just knocking down the worst of it. At this point I like to mix up a real loose batch of the BBC fairing mix and fill the weave. Don't worry about getting it perfect with the first pass.

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Re: LM18 CC-TX build

Post by VT_Jeff »

Like Fuzz said, at least knock down the stitches to reduce the weave to fill, and I like Dans pre-fair formula; Fairing compound is relatively soft so the thinner the coats the better.
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