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Pennant Primer without topcoat for compartments

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Pennant Primer without topcoat for compartments

Post by mineratt »

I know that the Pennant Primer makes for a good barrier coat for below the waterline, and for all exterior surfaces I will (and have) be top coating. But for enclosed compartments like the anchor locker up front, or the rear transom compartments, is top coating really necessary?

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Re: Pennant Primer without topcoat for compartments

Post by TomW1 »

I would say no as it doesn't jave any wear resistance. My suggestion would be a bilge paint which you will need a primer under such as Petit Bilge Paint that is sold in the store or some have used straight thickened, so it doesn't run down the walls epoxy tinted white. Tom
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Re: Pennant Primer without topcoat for compartments

Post by fallguy1000 »

2nd Tom.

Primers are not as hard as say acrylic enamel.

Some bilge paints allow no primer and u end up two coating.

Don't use expensive two part poly, but do use hard paints that wear well.
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