TJ's V10

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Re: TJ's V10

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Hi Tony,
I have seen on facebook that you want to sell Your beautiful V10. Please let us know the reason. The video with You rowing near the Golden Gate Bridge is unforgettable. I must confess after having built three boats that I have not been on the water this Summer with them, because my towing car a Citroen C3 bit the dust due to old age and I did not replace it. I built myself a 3 wheel cycle trike for trips up to 20 km and anything further I rent an electric car of my municipal power supplier who has 7 vehicles parked at different places in town of which one is very close to my house. This transport turns out dirt cheap 2 Euros rent per hour and 20 cents per km. That is why I also thought about selling my boats. But I am not convinced that I really want to go through with it although old age let it be more real that I might spend next Summer again on dry land.
Greetings from Karl
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