GV10 with console

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GV10 with console

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I have the plans for a GV10, which I would like to build and use as a tender. I would like to add a small console and backrest and primarily use with two persons on the rear seat.

Is the GV10 stable enough for an offset console?

Should the seats be moved forward to account for two persons occupying the rear seat?
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Re: GV10 with console

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Rum runner, I did that. I have a bigger bow seat and extended the console off of that, starboard side. I talked to Evan Gatehouse (designer) first and he suggested that I (as a bigger guy) put the console in front of the middle seat. I "shifted" that middle seat aft about 3-4 inches and supported the aft edge with a couple of posts (1" doweling) and a doubling strip. This gave me more leg room and "split the difference" between the forward and the aft seat. I've had no issues with stability. It really turned out sweet, a real head turner.

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Re: GV10 with console

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2 people on the aft seat is too much weight too far aft. That's why we need more weight forward.

When running my own GV10, 1 person on aft seat and one on middle seat was nicely balanced.
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