Embedding vidoes posts

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Your comments and tips are appreciated.
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Embedding vidoes posts

Post by Jaysen »

The forum software has the ability to embed video (and other media) directly in posts. Here are the basic directions to include videos in your posts.
  • 1. Upload your video to "someplace" like youtube, facebook, google, ect. There's a long list and we try to be "agnostic" who which one you use (more on that later).
    2. Find the "share" link. Copy the share link and paste it into a the post body. This is typically a shorter link than the one in your broswer. Please use the SHARE link not your browser URL. The browswer URL WILL NOT WORK. It doen't matter how much you think it should work, it just won't work.
    3. Select the entire share link in the post body.
    4. Click the video/play icon in in the headers of the message window (should be on the far right jsut left of the create table icon)
    5. Finish your post and submit.
Once you hit the video/play icon your link should look like:

Code: Select all


I recommend preview to make sure it all works but unless your hosting site is not on the list, you have the wrong URL, or then universe is consipring to make my day annoying, it should be pretty bullet proof at this point.

if you find you are using a service that is not on the list send a PM to me, Reid, or Jeff. We (let's be honest, it was Jaysen) removed a pile of sites because they are unrelated or politcal (I equally removed dem/rep/lib/con/etc, I'm fully anti-everyone). I should have most of the normal ones that make sense for use here. If someone starts abusing the videos for non-boat stuff, it would be seen as a reason to act on the personal account not the sharing service at this point.

I think that covers it. Let me know if there are any quesitons.
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