Paint, varnish etc.

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Paint, varnish etc.

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In all cases, the epoxy resin must be painted or varnished to protect it from UV’s.<BR>Almost any paint can be used on our epoxy resins. If your budget is limited, latex porch paint will work.<BR>A better finish is obtained with marine enamels and the best looking boats are painted with two part polyurethane paints.<BR>Those paints produce the highest gloss but some are difficult if not dangerous to use.<BR>We sell a safe, water reducible linear polyurethane that can be applied by spraying or with a brush.<BR>Gel coat is not paint: it is a polyester resin used in female molds. The gelcoat of high quality production fiberglass boats is often painted with linear polyurethane. It gives a much harder surface with a much higher gloss and better resistance to moisture.<BR>For the absolute best gloss, use a clear coat as final layer.<BR>Epoxy can also be varnished. A proper fiberglass lamination is transparent and our epoxies have a slight amber color. Use a good marine varnish like Z Spar.<BR>

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