N-7 Nutshell Wet

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N-7 Nutshell Wet

Post by BradF »

Finally after much stalling and procrastinating i got it wet even though i havent painting the contrasting colour on the rub rails and i spaced the oars too close together.
It aint much to look at but it rows like a dream ( even with the oars incorrectly spaced ) and it didn't even look like sinking with 2 grown men on board ( until we both got at the stern )and best of all the flotation foam works much better than i could have expected ( capsizing was no piece of cake i can tell you ).
I just wanted to thank everyone including Big J and shine and ryan and everyone who posts on this message board and most of all my wife.


Mike Adams
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Post by Mike Adams »

Congratulations - what a sweet little boat! It would make a great tender for boats in the TW28 range.
Well done.

FL14 "Lake Dreamer" built.

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Post by ks8 »

Great job! It sure looks like its floatin' pretty there. Be sure to post another picture when the contrasting rubrails are painted. Enjoy your boat! :)


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