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How does it go together? Stitches, fillets, gaps etc.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 3:24 pm
by jacquesmm
Please read our How To files: our building method and materials are very different from wooden boat building. <BR><BR>The strength of our structures relies on the fiberglass and resin, not on wood assemblies. Our keels, chines, bows, frames etc. are all made of fiberglass, not wood. <BR>Gaps between wood parts are preferred to a tight fit.<BR>See our tutorials: building strong and clean fiberglass laminations is easy.<BR><BR>Our hull shapes are defined by the hull panels, not the framing or the jig as in wooden boats. This means that there is no lofting and that jigs often not required. All panel dimensions are precisely calculated for you. <BR><BR>Plans and assembly methods are conceived with two top priorities: ease of building and strength. We do not use scarfs, there are no bevels, no need for special tools.<BR><BR>Read our How To files, check the pictures. Visit our builder’s web sites, many describe the building of their boat step by step.<BR>