Build our boats for profit, How To.

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Build our boats for profit, How To.

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Here it is a nutshell, for the USA:
Plans license:
The purchase of the plans at bateau gives you the right to build one boat. What you buy is a building license,
If you want to build only 2 or 3 boats, you must buy 2 or 3 set of plans.
If you decide to build more than 5 boats, you can negotiate a building license deal with Mertens-Goossens Yacht Design Inc., the designer.
Once you decide to build more than 5 boats and deal with MGYD, we can supply other services like USCG calculations for capacity tag, upright flotation and other legal requirements, small changes, molds and jigs specs etc.
You should become member of the NMMA. They will help with the legal and commercial part. I, the designer, will help with the technical legal requirements as above: USCG rules, ABYC standard conformity.
All that covers only builders who commit more than 5 boats.
The ideal path is to build a couple of boats as an amateur to optimize your building techniques and to have something to show to potential customers.
Jacques Mertens - Designer


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