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Due to a high level of "bad actor" traffic on the community site Jaysen is implementing a forced verification to confirm that you are a human. This is a PITA and he hates it too. The 3.2 seconds it takes for the one time you have to do it every couple hours is much preferable to the hours we are losing to morons clogging the CPU on the servers. Jaysen is still looking to solve this a bit less intrusively and without cost to BBC. Hopefully the magic solution will appear out of thin air soon. Jaysen is already annoyed.

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Please read this forum first before posting any questions or comments to the support forums.
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Board guidelines

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- The main function of this message board is to provide technical support and information for and
This means support for the building of boats from plans listed at and boats built or repaired with materials from
- Please post in the appropriate section. The titles are clear. Consider that first time builders or people new to boat repair or curious about the materials will read those threads.
- Please do not cross post. Cross posting means asking the same question two different sections.
- Non technical stories related to our boats or our builders or discussions about other boats and materials should be posted in the section titled "Builder's Progress and non technical messages". Fishing and cruise stories should be posted in that section.
- Discussions of controversial issues not directly related to boats should be posted in the section titled "The Bilge". That section is only visible by registered users.
- The message board database is very large and in order to keep searches reasonably fast and search results clear, we may prune or delete threads that contain obsolete or redundant information .

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