FL14 - Hull Painted

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Should I paint or varnish the interior of my FL14?

Paint (sand Color)
Varnish and keep the interior bright.
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FL14 - Hull Painted

Post by Kent »

Here is an update of my FL14. Hull was primed with Interlux Epoxy Barrier-Kote and finished with Pettit Easypoxy Electric Blue. 1 QT each.

Now I need to work on the inside. My intentions were to leave the seat tops and rubrail bright and a sand color paint for the floor and frames. Family and friends tell me to leave the whole interior bright. I see all my mistakes that I could hide with paint; eg, pencil marks, ACX footballs, ugly fillets, etc. I would like to poll the forum... Paint or Varnish?


I don't know if these pictures will post here but you can see my gallery "KentsFL14" and let me know what you think.

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Post by Jonnas »


Great looking boat! You sure did a nice work.

From the pictures, I can't see any mistakes, so I would agree with your family and keep the whole interior bright. At least, go your way and keep the seat tops bright. The contrast with the painted hull will make it look even better.
Congratulations on a very fine work.

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Post by Nuckingofuts »

I cant see the mistakes either, but if you say theyre there, then, theyre there. Varnished finishes are purrty, but, I dont believe they cover mistakes. I plan on painting the inside of my FL14 like an off white or somthing that doesnt give off too much sun glare.
Looking good!

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Post by ross61 »

I painted my FL14 interior, but kept the seats, transom and rubrail bright. I can already tell they are going to take alot more upkeep then the painted surfaces. Brightwork on the whole interior will be a major ongoing project!!! My opinion - Keep brightwork to a minimum and spend the extra time building your next boat!!

Good Luck


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Post by st »

Paint, based on upkeep of bright.

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Post by Grant »

Very nice looking boat! I think that the brightwork looks very nice and adds nice contrast, but because of the upkeep required, I would just go with paint.


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Post by Fritz »

I have a bright finish jon boat. When it was first done -- it looked awesome -- like furniture. Then after a few uses, :help: scratches, dings, mud, dirt water marks.

But after a year or two....suddenly the "imperfections" start to add character -- the things that used to make me say "well 'll I'll do better next time" actually add a warmth and feeling of coolness =P~ because it is home made...

You might think about a non skid or rubberized or similar paint for the bottom and maybe 2 - 3 inches up the sides (help hide the fg tape) otherwise, leave it bright. Like a cast iron skillet, it has to get real ugly before it gets beautiful again.
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J. Mick
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Post by J. Mick »

Your boat looks great! As a general rule, I tend to believe that wood should never be painted unless absolutely necessary.

With that said....I'm building the FL11 and was planning on painting the exterior to hide the joints and drill holes for the stitching and if all goes well...I'm going to leave the interior bright. A blue or green hull with a natural interior....CAN'T BE BEAT! :D :D

And remember...as irritating as those little flaws are that we all notice when we build things...99% of the population will never, ever, ever notice them. They're too busy with the forest to notice the trees if you will. Only another woodworker or boatbuilder "might" notice the flaws and they've been in the same situation before, so they understand. It's almost a club!

Do whatever makes you happy! You did a great job & it'll look fantastic either way.


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Post by ks8 »

I'm one who likes to hide footballs on plywood, but I like a well chosen bit of bright highlights. If you put a cap on your gun'l, maybe a wood that finishes bright well could be used.

I'm still debating whether to use doug fir or teak. The teak would be oiled and not varnished, so that I would not twinge if it took a beating. The doug fir would be painted, so I would not twinge if it took a beating. You get the idea.

But the entire interior bright and acx plywood? I think you'll find that the brightwork is that much more appreciated (by yourself included) if it is only strategic highlights.

I haven't made all my decisions yet, but its looking like the seat tops will be white, the seat risers and hull sides a blue green of some sort. I want to be visible from the air, but don't want to be blinded in the cockpit. There will be teak floor grates (a recycled table that was being thrown out by someone!), and if there is enough left, maybe the caprail. Also two teak sections (very thin laminates) on either side of the cuddy top. But again, any teak will only be oiled, there to be abused without obsessive compulsive maintenance needed. But don't get me wrong.... varnished, or epoxy and clear topcoat, is beautiful, done tactfully. Personally, I simply do not want to be nervous if anyone comes near the boat, or the younger relatives play *good* pirate when I'm not looking.

That FL11 is sure looking nice and ready for those final touches of your preference. Whatever you decide, its a great looking boat no matter what clothes she wears. Good job!


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Post by Leon_Steyns »

Congratulations on your great looking boat! 8O

I voted for paint, but you could add brightwork accents (seat tops, rubrails, deck) and have a little of both. I did vote for paint, because of Hank's FL11 (see picture):

Greets, Leon Steyns.

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