Sterling not offered at this time

sterling L.P. topcoats and primers
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Sterling not offered at this time

Post by tech_support »

Sterling is not currently available to us on the east coast (or west coast for that matter).

We are attempting to find a way to offer the paint again, but until further notice it will not be sold through our site. Sorry :(

We encourage anyone looking for a premium topcoat to use the EMC paints. They are as good in quality (or better than Sterling) and are readily available. EMC is also sand-able and buff-able, so it can be repaired, where sterling was not repairable

Roy M
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Re: Sterling not offered at this time

Post by Roy M »

Any reason why Sterling isn't available? Are they bankrupt, or is there any rumor of their possible return?

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Re: Sterling not offered at this time

Post by jacquesmm »

Sterling is an excellent paint with n extremely poor customer service and failing distribution network.
I hope they get their act together but right now it is difficult to get their paint: there is no distributor!
We have some stuff left like primers and catalysts that I would sell at a discount.
Jacques Mertens - Designer

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