EMC99 over Sterling C1000P

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EMC99 over Sterling C1000P

Post by KRE »

Its been a while since I built my FS-17. Nearly 8 years! The need to create a new monster in the barn has returned. I recently purchased a 1968 Bertram 25 Fly Bride. Needs a lot of work! I'm to the point of needing to start painting. What a surprise it was to find out how difficult it is to get Sterling paint in Florida. I got some U1000p primer, then lost interest in dealing directly with Sterling...so I just purchased a starter kit of EMC product. Does anyone have experience spraying EMC 99 series topcoat over Sterling U1000P? Should stick, right? By the way, I still have the FS-17 and the original Sterling paint is still perfect!


Re: EMC99 over Sterling C1000P

Post by bateau-webmaster »

There shouldn't be a problem there, as long as the U1000P is fully cured.

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