Foam sandwich plans

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Foam sandwich plans

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Many ask for a foam sandwich version of my plans. It is correct that many of my designs can be built in foam sandwich and I know the material well: I designed for foam sandwich well before plywood-epoxy.

A good foam sandwich version of my designs will have the same hull shape and be close in weight but many parts must be recalculated.
The foam sandwich boat will use more layers of glass, use a different type of resin (SilverTip), specific types of foam. The hulls will be thicker, the framing spaced more widely and the gull assembly different.
I want to redesign the boats for foam sandwich and supply good building instructions.

Except for a few boats (PH15, LB26 and maybe some others that I forgot), there are no official plans for foam sandwich boats. For some designs, I have given specs to a few builders but I prefer to offer complete plans for foam sandwich versions with a nice shop manual. You can't simply switch the core type, there is much more to it if you want it done right.
I am almost ready with a very detailed foam sandwich shop manual for small boats but I have to work more on the layout, change some pictures then proofreading. It is already between 35 and 100 pages depending on the size of the drawings.
There will be more than one manual.
The first one will cover small boats built without a jig.
The second one will be for small to medium size boats built on a jig. Later, the third one will be for large units.
I started writing them as one manual 2 years ago and it was confusing, I had to separate them in 3 books with many common parts.
The plans will follow. There are differences: the framing is different, there are many high-density inserts and because of the thickness of the core many dimensions change.
In the mean time, this the traditional method to build in foam sandwich:

The manuals that I am working on will show a faster, easier method close to our plywood-epoxy boats.
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