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Questions for Jacques - Moonfish

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Questions for Jacques - Moonfish

Post by Jeff »

This question arrived via email overnight: "Hi there from Australia. I have just purchased the plans for a moonfish and seeing that I already have quite a few sheets of 4mm marine ply . I would like to ask if it would be ok to substitute 6mm stated in the plans to 4mm. Obviously dimensions would be allowed for and the boat would have to be treated with a bit more care . Maybe a few stringers here and there. But would it be structurally strong enough . I looked thru the forum couldnt find any links. Im better with my hands than with computers. Thanks for any advise in advance. regards Dan." Jeff

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Re: Questions for Jacques - Moonfish

Post by jacquesmm »

You can, no problem at all. Do not worry about the small 2 mm difference in thickness. Use the same dimensions.
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