1988 HydraSports 2500 WA Vector

Questions about boat repairs with our resins and fiberglass: hull patches, transoms and stringers, foam, rot etc.
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Re: 1988 HydraSports 2500 WA Vector

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Hey Chessie - I think I just purchased your boat’s brother from another mother yesterday. From the pictures, they look almost identical. I’m not too far from you either, about halfway around the Beltway in Reisterstown.

A lot of what you’re talking about doing are things I’ve thought about for mine. Probably going to get a season in on the water to see how she does and to see if my priorities change after a season of use.

Previous owner had a similar thought to you on the fuel tank. He just swapped out the fuel tank to 110 gallon tank. He gave me the big 192 gallon original fuel tank with the sale. Surprisingly enough, the old tank is in fantastic shape. I’m actually thinking about doing an epoxy coat on it and putting it back in. Not sure.

My engines are the old 1996 carbureted 200hp Saltwater series II that fired right up so hopefully will be good to get me through a season or two but with 28yo motors, I know a repower will be in my future. Look forward to tracking what you do with your boat and how things go with your outboard assessments.

The one thing I may deal with sooner rather than later is my battery setup. I’m kind of curious how your batteries are set up. For mine, I have two in the starboard transom hatch and one in the port transom hatch. They look like they were just stuffed in there. Just doesn’t seem like it would come like this from the factory. Are your batteries in the same location?

Anyway, best of luck with your restoration. I’ll be sure to share anything that may be of interest as I work on mine and look forward to updates and progress for yours.

Here’s a few pics of mine just for fun.

All the best…Brett

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