VG23 Questions : Jacques

Sail Boats 15' and up. Please include the boat type in your question.
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Re: VG23 Questions : Jacques

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rick berrey wrote: Sat Aug 13, 2022 10:29 pm Can you not angle the boat from corner to corner and pick up a foot or 2 ? At 5% you are picking up a foot in length , if you scale her overall 5% you pick up vol. , a little head room , and still stay in legal towing width . For what you want to do the added work with possible unknown complications down the road don't seem worth it to me . There are no down sides to 10% in length only , or 5% overall , only up sides . Lay the boat out in your garage from corner to corner instead of front to back , you will pick up enough space to add a foot or two . If you can put your build frame on casters you can roll the boat outside a little on good days . Either scaling option will pay off if you do a trans Atlantic crossing or blue water . I would think mast height would not have to be scaled up and added sail area with a square top main would make up to some extent .
Take a look. Photos are on the first post here...


We're already corner to corner and yes, I already plan to put the boat on casters. I've had to check the dimensions already to make sure of the fit. The garage door side is to the immediate left. Paper marks on the floor are at 1m intervals. No room. Inches each side and there has to be room to work. Sure anything is possible. I could redesign the house/door and move the supporting post. After seeing an actual VG23 we're prepared to put up with the reduced cockpit size.

If I could scale it I would. I can't. Best option in my opinion.

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Re: VG23 Questions : Jacques

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I think I remember the conversation on space . If you make the cabin longer then I would bring the hatch back as well giving a longer opening , cleaner build lines and process . I would access the new storage from the entrance side , maybe a wet locker of sort .

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