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Wooden Slats, Cheap at Ikea

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Wooden Slats, Cheap at Ikea

Post by RomanVilgut »

Hi Folks!

I want to share a discovery I made. In my building-process I also needed, what I would call construction wood for several purpouses. I always used slats of spruce - planed for appliances on the boat, not planed for frames and stuff.

Lately I went to Ikea for some cheap shelfs for the basement. The cheapest is called "Hejne". But the thing is: you dont by the whole shelf, but the spare parts like floors or slats. And the price was a surprice.

Because here in Austria I paid 2 Euro per meter (aprox. 70ct/foot)for not planed spruce and at Ikea you get 2 1.7 meter slates of pine, well planed, for 4 Euro, so 1.17 Euro/Meter (40ct/foot).

I am already finished, but I wanted to share this discovery.

The Ikea Productcode is 802.905.76

greetings from austria

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