GF-16 Project in Central FL

Questions about boat repairs with our resins and fiberglass: hull patches, transoms and stringers, foam, rot etc.
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GF-16 Project in Central FL

Post by PastorBob »

Been a long time since I have been around on here. Old timers will remember my GF-16 build and there should still be the build and pic documented in the archives. I have loved this boat but it is time to let someone else love her. My kids got adult sized and we upgraded to a 21ft Center console and a 32ft Catamaran Sailboat, so the little skiff is just in the way. She is a solid build that needs some work. The main issues are the seat tops and one spot on the port side of the hull. My sons were doing some repairs but we never finished. Not bad at all I just don't have the time to put into a boat that we no longer use. She is titled in FL as a 2019 and comes on a trailer that has a new axle but the trailer should be replaced soon. The motor is gone but the bracket is still on the boat. If you promise to bring her back to life she's yours. Great starter project or a project with your kid. I'm in Titusville.
Here's what she looked like after we fitted her out in 2018 ... hsharelink

And here she is today ... hsharelink
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Re: GF-16 Project in Central FL

Post by Dougster »

Hey 'Bob, how you doing? Someone should grab this deal right quick, it's known to be a great design!

Old Timer Dougster :D

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Re: GF-16 Project in Central FL

Post by TomW1 »

PastorBob hope this finds you well. Remember when you built that boat. She does not look bad for her age. Some one should grab it up in no time.

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Re: GF-16 Project in Central FL

Post by jbo_c »

This is very tempting. I’d like a boat to use while I’m building my shanty. Hmmmm


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Re: GF-16 Project in Central FL

Post by Buz »

You have a PM, Sir.
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