Pre-releasing tabbing flanges

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Pre-releasing tabbing flanges

Post by fallguy1000 »

A little primer on how to pre-release tabbing and cut cleats out for weight savings.

I found out the best way is to use acrylic. I put ship tape on them for release insurance; my guess is acrylic bonds to epoxy; or unpolished corners would.

This is a boat builder trade secret I am sharing here for all the contributors to the forum.

Here is a picture of the side I did without acrylic; you can see the top tape did NOT make it to the fillet. I was guessing with a wooden release. Got smart and cut up some old acrylic.

The acrylic pieces are clamped and ready for tabbing to the bulkheads.
And this is the final product. It helps to use fast epoxy here. I have medium, so today will open the bay doors and work in the 90 degree heat in long sleeves. The bottoms of this opening are stringers made from old core leftovers. Sanding with 40 grit is still needed.
Edited to put pics upright..
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Re: Pre-releasing tabbing flanges

Post by Jeff »

That is some cool work FG!!! Jeff

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Re: Pre-releasing tabbing flanges

Post by Cowbro »

That took me a bit to process, but i see what you did now. That is super slick. Those BB's are going to be sturdy little battering rams. lol.

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