NJ inshore suggestions?

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Re: NJ inshore suggestions?

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Rmarsh wrote: Thu Sep 14, 2023 6:34 am Up here in buzards bay conditions can change fast and the water can be cold, The higher sides and deeper cockpit of the C17 is a blessing. Can cruise at twenty mph in choppy water with practically no water or spray getting into the boat....got a bilge pump but it never gets used. My passengers and guests feel much safer being in a boat with the higher sides. It does drift to fast so i use a drift sock, My casting deck is perfect for me as I can brace myself against the coaming and heave a cast out without having to balance myself. Ive seen where at least one fs17 builder add higher "splash guards" to their bow area to stop excessive spray.

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Re: NJ inshore suggestions?

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The FS 19 that I built for my brother is used heavily in and around the southern Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and was used extensively for inshore fishing in Coastal Georgia before then.

The Fast Skiff 17 & 19 were designed after the small boats used in the commercial fishing industry in the Mid Atlantic, centered around North Carolina.

One of the best features of the boats is their ride. Very dry, stable and very efficient. Their ability to go into shallow water and also handle the chop is outstanding.

They should not be overlooked if you are going to be inshore or nearshore fishing with more than two people.

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