New problem popped up

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New problem popped up

Post by TomW1 »

Jaysen I hate to bring this to your attention but I have a minor little bug that has popped up. When I hit Submit on answering a post I get a page saying Hmmm....that page is not available Then in a couple of seconds it sends the page on as normal. Then when I hit back space to get back to the main page it does it again. Once I get to the main page every thing is fine. It is just when writing or answering a post and then returning to the main page.

Duh, I don't know, just happened a week or so ago. I on vacation watching the Mississippi flow under the cabin, so since it is not affecting anything have not bothered to let you know about it till now. I did just get a new update from Edge, don't know if that had anything to do with it or not it was about the same time. I can live with it for now. It does not affect anything else on my laptop.

Regards, Tom
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Re: New problem popped up

Post by Jaysen »

No changes on the BBC side. I suspect the issue is with the updates on your end. Try a reboot of the PC and network hardware. I’ve had to do that for problems with the work system (only
windows machine in my home).
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